Introduction to CMPFA

The Center for Materials Processing and Failure Analysis (CMPFA) is a full service materials research and testing facility serving manufacturers in a variety of industries. The firm specializes in chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation, mechanical testing, corrosion simulation, failure analysis, and metallurgical course/training.

The firm is supported by high-qualified staffs (12 doctors & 12 master degree) as well as the facility of laboratories, such as:

  • Chemistry lab,
  • Mechanical test lab,
  • Metallography & heat treatment lab,
  • Metal forming lab,
  • Foundry lab,
  • Corrosion lab,
  • Non-destructive test lab, and
  • SEM & EDX lab.


CMPFA is a subsidiary of Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, University of Indonesia.

The Board of Director of whole organization is as follow:

  • The Chairman of Dept. of Metallurgy and Materials Eng.: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bambang Suharno
  • The Head of CMPFA : Dr. Ir. Sri Harjanto

Organization Chart


Service Descriptions from CMPFA



  • More than 1000 contracts/work orders have been made, dealing with more than 100 industries/institutions in Java.
  • More than 75% of total contract is material testing activities, which cover chemical analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion testing, etc.
  • About 10% of total contract is failure analysis project; several of them are still in progress.