Sarjana / Undergraduate Program

Kurikulum 2008


Curriculum Composition for Undergraduates Programs

Basic Specialization Subjects (52 credits)

MMS110801 Introduction to Materials Engineering 2 credits
MMS120801-2 Analytic Chemistry + Lab. Practice 3 credits
MMS120803 Strength and Mechanics of Materials 3 credits
MMS120804 Mineralogy and Crystallography 2 credits
MMS210801 Electrochemistry 3 credits
MMS210802 Physical Metallurgy 1
3 credits
MMS210803 Thermodynamics 3 credits
MMS220801 Organic Chemistry 3 credits
MMS220802 Transport Phenomena 3 credits
MMS220803 Physical Metallurgy 2
3 credits
MMS220804 Minerals Processing 3 credits
MMS220805 Numerical Modelling 2 credits
MMS220806 Polymer Materials
2 credits
MMS220807 Ceramic Materials
2 credits
MMS310801-2 Materials Characterisation 1 + Lab. Practice
4 credits
MMS320801-2 Materials Characterisation 2 + Lab. Practice 3 credits
MMS320807 Product Design and Engineering
2 credits
MMS320808 Industrial Management 2 credits
MMS410801 Stadium General 2 credits
MMS410803 Composite 2 credits

Specialization Subjects (32 credits)

MMS310803-4 Extractive Metallurgy + Lab. Practice 4 credits
MMS310805 Iron and Steel Making Process 2 credits
MMS310806 Polymer Technology 3 credits
MMS310807 Heat and Surface Treatment 3 credits
MMS310808-9 Corrosion and Material Degradation + Lab. Practice
4 credits
MMS320803 Material Joining 3 credits
MMS320804-5 Metal Forming + Lab. Practice 6 credits
MMS320806 Ceramic Technology 3 credits
MMS410802 Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis 4 credits

Elective Subjects (18 credits)

MMF410801 Advanced Materials 2 credits
MMF410802 Super Alloys Steel 2 credits
MMF410803 Waste Processing 2 credits
MMF410804 Additive Materials
2 credits
MMF410805 Standards of Materials
2 credits
MMF410806 Plastics Processing Machines
2 credits
MMF420801 Nano Technology 2 credits
MMF420802 Adhesive Materials
2 credits
MMF420803 Composite Technologies
2 credits
MMF420804 Quality Management System
2 credits
MMF420805 Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Sys.
2 credits
MMF420806 Business and Investment Analysis
2 credits



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